Everyone has the right to privacy

Easy to use secure mail & storage solution with exceptional data protection. Our mission is to make top level privacy easy to use for everybody.

macOS 10.14 and up

macFUSE required for Secure Drive

Our vision

We believe that Privacy is a human right. All people should be allowed to communicate privately and this is a key pillar of free societies and free people. 

Vivarto, our founder was looking for a way to communicate privately using email. After lot’s of searching and research he found out that existing ways of private communication were either insufficient or much too difficult for the average user. He felt compelled to offer a solution that was both easy and secure. 

This is when Privacy Everywhere was born. 

Secure encryption

Meeting the requirements for TOP SECRET documents with best encryption practices available.

Easy to use

Full-featured, modern and convenient approach to privacy

No need to "believe"
software manufacturer

The source code is available for review on demand

Full control

Key management, encryption, signature, verification and all other cryptographic functionality happens on user’s own computer

Top data protection

All the data is stored in encrypted form on user’s computer only (Secure drive feature required)

No need for special server

Privacy Everywhere works with all popular mail services including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and many more

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