Do I need to make a new email address?

No, our software works with all modern email providers including Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

Is Privacy Everywhere open source?

Our code is available for peer review upon request.

Is Privacy Everywhere (PE) fully secure?

PE messages are secure in transport, additionally emails are password protected on the user’s computer. PE uses standard encryption algorithm the same as governments, military, protonmail, thunderbird, etc.

What’s the difference between Protonmail and Privacy Everywhere?

ProtonMail has your private keys, Privacy Everywhere (PE for short) does not.

ProtonMail‘s protection against a Man-in-the-Middle Attack is extremely difficult to implement, PE is easy.

With ProtonMail you can only have a johnsmith@protonmail.com account. With PE you secure your existing accounts, i.e. johnsmith@gmail.com.

You can use PE with unlimited number of accounts.

Searching within encrypted messages works better on PE.

PE digital signatures can authenticate any document or file, not just emails.

What is the cost of your software?

Our basic email security software is free of charge.

Is Privacy Everywhere encryption compatible with other encryption?

Yes, Privacy Everywhere encryption is compatible with ProtonMail, Thunderbird and all other software using PGP Standard.